of WoW Utah

Founder and Director 

Judee Guay


Judee Guay knows what it’s like to get a second chance to live the life you’ve always wanted. Judee found herself in a verbal, mental and emotionally unhealthy marriage of 24 years that was tearing her down. She believed she didn’t deserve any better. Her broken spirit was only compounded with failing health. At one point Judee was part time in a wheelchair.

This was not the life she had always dreamed of and she wondered how she got there. She had lost all hope. Day by day, she picked herself up again. Over time she became healthy, released over 100 pounds, started to love herself, and left the emotionally abusive marriage. She healed herself.

Those dark days are what drives Judee’s passion to make a difference for other women. Judee is now happily married to the man of her dreams who is her best friend and biggest supporter, and they adore each other. Between them they have three children, two boys and a girl and their spouses. Being Nana to their beautiful granddaughter and 4 adorable grandsons are her real pride and joy!

As an entrepreneur and speaker, Judee coaches other women so they can have the life they want, rebuilding their belief that they are worthy, capable and enough. Judee uses many tools to create the life that you are so deserving of. These tools give you a crystal clear clarity in areas of your life, allowing you to break the negative chatter in your mind, affirming your goals and positive beliefs as well as understanding who you were truly created to be.

In October of 2011, she put in her own LifeVision that she would like to host an event that empowers women. She envisioned these women walking down a red carpet and leaving the experience a transformed person. That is when she thought of a red-carpet event that honors women and gives them a new beginning, all the while being supported on their journey.

Now forming her own non-profit, Judee and WoW Utah, Inc. helps women of worth find their voice and rebuild their lives in this year long program.  WoW Utah gives to these Women of Worth a second chance in seeing they don’t have to do it alone. 

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Krissy Clark


Krissy Clark is a longtime advocate for those in need and of misfortune. She started her career in 1993 as a part time mentor/coach and eventually became a head coach for girl’s gymnastics in the suburbs of Chicago. As a coach she not only instructed and mentored more than 100 young women, she led a team of six other coaches resulting in the first state championship for their districts. This mentoring role started when she was a teenager and continued on until 2002 when she set off for Utah to become a social worker and start a new life for herself; “Utah or Bust" is what she calls this journey. 

In the 14 years Krissy has lived in Utah, she has accomplished her associates in science, bachelors in Human Development/Family Consumer Studies, masters of social work and most recently a licensed certified social worker. During this time she has worked with individuals with disabilities, substance abuse, homelessness, sever and persistent mental illness, crisis and vocational studies with a diverse clientele. Her mentoring expertise is also strong in her familial and friendship relationships, rounding out this skill set effectively and appreciatively.

Krissy has formed many partnerships with a diverse level of community agencies and continues to partner with the SLC community in hopes of strengthening the resource pool for her clientele.


Andrea Jensen


Andrea was born in American Fork, Utah. She was mostly raised in Utah and Southern Nevada. She also lived Colorado and Washington State, briefly. Andrea has been married for 24 years to my terrific husband, Brad Jensen. They have amazing four children, two boys and two girls, ranging in age from 10 to 20. They love to hike and vacation as a family.   

Andrea loves scrapbooking, reading, running, baking (not necessarily cooking), toll-painting, sewing (machine & by hand), quilting, volunteer work, vacations and traveling (even if it’s car trips). Her favorite season is summer, and she love capri pants and bare feet!


Wendy Palmer


Wendy is a wife, mother of seven children (ages 5 to 21) and grandmother to 1 grandson. She has been married to her husband, Steven, for 22 years. She was born and raised in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Wendy’s accounting experience began in high school when she worked as an internal auditor for a Golf and Tennis resort which operated under the Grand Teton Lodge company. She earned her Associates degree in accounting in 1991 and continued her education, earning a bachelor of science degree in accounting in 1998 from the University of Utah. Recently, Wendy returned to school and obtained her Master’s Degree in Accounting in 2014. She is currently studying to take the CPA exam. Her work experience includes the title of accountant for multiple companies, including real estate finance, real estate development, retail sales for various types of retailers and other nonprofit organizations. Currently, Wendy is an Assistant Controller, providing accounting services for multiple companies. She also has several small business clients of her own for which she provides accounting services.

When Wendy is not busy crunching numbers, she enjoys creating scrapbooks of her many beautiful family members and has had her scrapbook pages published in an online magazine. She also treasures spending time with her husband, children and grandchild.

Wendy is honored to be a part of WoW Utah, and helping other women recognize that they are of infinite worth.

Director of Fundraising

Lewie Guay


Lewie comes with much experience as he served for more than 15 years on the Glendale Police Officer’s Board, as well as chaired many years the Cops for Kids Golf Tournament, in Glendale California.

Lewie retired after 31.5 years on Glendale Police Department, where he was the Sergeant of Traffic for over 12 of those years. Lewie is dedicated to making a difference in others not only through his wellness business, butalso but in the community.  He is involved in many networking groups and enjoys interacting and getting to know others, as forming relationships is key in everything he does.

Lewie is married to Judee, and between them they have 3 children between the two of them, 2 sons and a daughter as well as 2 daughter-in-laws and a son-in-law. He is also a proud Papa to four handsome grandsons and a beautiful little granddaughter. 

When he isn’t giving back in some way, Lewie can be found doing his other passions which are waterfowl hunting, riding his Harley, enjoying friends and other outdoor activities.

Director of Events

Shalyn Child


Shalyn Child is passionate about her love for creating beautiful and memorable events. Shalyn has over 28 years of experience planning, decorating, creating, & catering events like weddings, parties, family get together and charity events.

Shalyn is married to her best friend Ron, who's unconditional love and support helps her creativity in all areas of her life, his support has helped her become free from her past abusive relationships and move on towards her passions and goals.

Shalyn is a mother of 3 awesome supportive children, and 4 prince charming grandsons, a sister to 7 brothers and a daughter to parents who raised her and her brothers to be compassionate, loving and caring people. 

Shalyn was raised on a farm in Northern Utah, there she learned early on to value family, hard work, teamwork, gardening, homemaking skills, and how to stretch a dollar.
She loves to serve others in her church as well as within the community.

 She understands women and men who have endured hardships of abuse, neglect, loneliness, financial difficulties, and homelessness. Shalyn is a survivor of abuse that spanned over the past 30 years. Her favorite quote is by Gordon B. Hinkley, "Life is to be enjoyed not endured."

Shalyn is passionate about her life, her family and service, She believes in the power of support and change that's why she believes in WoW Utah and its program to help women in need of change in their lives. She honors her position on the board of WoW. 

Director of Communications

Jennifer Weaver


Jennifer Weaver is an award-winning journalist and works in corporate communications for a direct selling company headquartered in Lindon, Utah. 

She currently writes for Valor Magazine and The Beauty Battalion, and formerly had a monthly column in The Daily Herald called Taming of the Crew, which emphasizes issues about single parenting.

Jennifer earned a bachelor’s of science degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Utah and a master of management and public administration degree from the University of Phoenix, where she also graduated as a member of the Lambda Sigma Chapter of the International Business Honor Society, Delta Mu Delta.

Jennifer has served in various volunteer capacities that include an AmeriCorp Promise Fellow, president of the United Way of Iron County and board member for the Cedar City Rotary Club. She has also been honored as Young Careerist of the Year three times by the Northern District of the Business and Professional Women organization.

As a single mother of three children. Her youngest child suffers from a brain stem tumor so she is actively involved in bringing awareness to brain injuries and congenital birth defects. She champions efforts that promote equality for women and is proud to support WoW Utah’s mission to give support to women by giving them a hand up, not a handout.