There are causes to believe in all around us.
Lives are changing as we speak.
Is there more that we can do? WoW Utah believes there is and it starts close to home.


WoW Utah is dedicated to empowering women who are committed to rebuild their life.

These deserving women may not know where to start. That is where WoW Utah comes in.

Perhaps, they had the courage to leave abuse and left with nothing but what they could fit into a bag, take their children and flee.

Perhaps a young woman fell into the world of drugs or alcohol to numb her pain. And now she wants a second chance.

Perhaps medical conditions led to prescription drug abuse or disability. She wants to live her life again.

Perhaps a job loss or medical bills left a family with no options other than to lose everything and hope that they can regain their strength, composure and life  again.



WoW Utah reunites these women to their new beginning.

These women are you and I. They are our moms, daughters, sisters, friends and fellow community members.

When we strengthen our communities, we change the world.

It starts with us. It starts now. It all starts at WoW Utah.


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Deserving women in Utah get the opportunity of a lifetime to be embraced by its community like never before and start their new beginning.

These valuable women will get a re-start from the inside out and the outside in with valuable life skills, confidence tools, personal self-development and the finishing touches through makeovers as our team of stylists, fashion experts and service providers bring out the true essence of each woman.

After this life-changing event WoW Utah provides ongoing life skills coaching and mentoring to women to facilitate lasting change and support.