Managing Accountability Transition (MAT)

Sharing your Worth

Managing Accountability is one of the key values taught to new mentees in the core WorthShops

Being accountable to commitments, goals, and personal growth is developed in the first-year program through the introduction of new tools that change your approach to yourself.  But accountability takes practice and continued commitment.  However, even after a year of practice with new tools “old habits die hard.”  Life and the chaos of life can kick-up old excuses that reduce accountability to healthy goals and continuing the practice of the tools learned that first year.  New MAT participants transition from working with a full-time mentor and monthly projects to being responsible for their own actions and commitment to the program. MAT provides the space to continue growth and commitment to an individual’s healthy growth.

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MAT is designed to help new mentee graduates or those returning to the program focus on accountability

The catch: Each woman is accountable to herself. The MAT program half-day monthly WorthShops emphasizes individual accountability, encouraging participants to continue their journey of personal growth, with the support of their peers and friends that have been part of the WOW journey.  WorthShops projects and discussions reinforce the “basics” learned throughout the core program, with a focus on “sharing your worth” through service to others and commitment to yourself.